6 Chicken Breast- 4 Ways- 30 Minutes- 12 Meals

We have all heard that preparation is the key for any plan. Is not a secret that when we have great options available it will be easier to stick to a plan and will pass on the options that are not that good, and that can keep us away to reach our goal

Clean Fridge Dinner

This is a very common situation when I’m going to go vegetable shopping the next day… I need to clean my fridge and have ZERO inspiration to make dinner … Well, the night these pictures were taken ,  I went with the flow and ended up with a plate full of lean protein, colorful vegetables full of fiber…

Cauliflower Tortillas Chicken Tacos

one of my friends shared this recipe on FB and I almost died when I played it! I had to make it! It’s too good to be true! “If it works, I can eat as many as I want!” That’s what I thought when I saw it. This morning I couldn’t wait until dinner time to give it a try!

Roasted Chicken

I know now at days we can find a roasted chicken in every supermarket, however, I truly believe that nothing beats home made. I love to make this chicken when the weekend is approaching… Dinner for one night and salads (for me) and sandwiches (for the kids) for the next couple of days! It’s super…