10 benefits of drinking water

To drink water, a habit that it is defenetly easier to say than to do. Sometimes I feel than to drink 8 glasses of water a day could be a challenge. I admit that is not a habit for me, I don’t do it naturally, I actually have to force myself to do it. In fact, sometimes I have to set up a reminder on my phone every hour, or drink 1/2 cup every time I go to the bathroom (that’s for sure one of the downsides of it -the innumerable trips to the bathroom a day). But if you think about the benefits of drinking enough water on a daily bases, those trips to the Waterloo are just a small price to pay.

But what is enough? Too much of something as good as water could be dangerous. According to Wikipedia.org “Water intoxication, also known as water poisoning or hyperhydration, is a potentially fatal disturbance in brain functions that results when the normal balance of electrolytes in the body is pushed outside safe limits by overhydration.”

In order to keep it safe here is an easy formula to calculate the right/safe amount of water to consume THE DAYS YOU EXERCISE:

-Multiply your weight in Kg by 60 and that will give you the number of ml of water that should be consume on a very active day (workout day).

For example, if a person weights 108 lb you just have to divide 108/2.2=49kg

49×60= 2,940ml = 2.9 Lt … That would be the right amount of water for that person to drink that day.

The days you don’t exercise between 2-3 Lt of water is a good amount.

To conclude, the consumption of water is determined by your weight and your level of physical activity.

Here is a short video that I made,  to remind us of some of the benefits of AGUA!

Benefits of drinking water


Love, Gaby

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