Chilean Sea Bass

Once in a while we have this fish for dinner. There’s a lot debate about it due to the fact that has been reportedly overfish. However, when I see it at Whole Foods I indulge a little and bring home some. It is pretty pricey but is delicious, and meaty and full of good fats (the ones that you want to consume at night). My rule of thumb is to have 4oz for myself and a little more (maybe 6oz) for my husband.

I like to make it this way (using that green steamer that you will see in the pictures below) because is fast, mess-free and odorless! What else can you ask for?

Check it out and if you are curious about that “Green Thing” = Silicon Steamer, you can go to the Home Page and will find a direct link under “Must Have”.

Enjoy! SeaBass 1sea bass 2sea bass 3sea bass 4Sea bass 5sea bass 6sea bass 7sea bass 8

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