Almond Milk

Due to my celiac condition, I am lactose intolerant, which means that my body reacts against milk from cows and all its derivatives (cheese, ice cream, butter, yogurt, racism, homophobia, closed minded people… Oh wait! I got carried away!) Anyway, for that reason I started looking for different options in order to still enjoying a treat here and there… I discovered cashew ice cream, coconut yogurt, almond cheese and of course Almond Milk. But one day, I read the ingredients in the back of the carton of the almond milk I have been buying for a while and almost fainted! It was packed with a bunch of other ingredients that were NOT supposed to be there! 😡 … I did my homework and found a vast number of tutorials and recipes to make my own Almond Milk at home. It is a little time consuming (I’m not gonna lie)… The first time I made it, I used 75% of the stuff in my kitchen and it took me a good half hour PLUS another one to clean the mess. I can tell you that I now make it in probably less than ten minutes and I love to always have it in my fridge. My husband puts it in his coffee (I discovered that due to the acidity in the coffee the Almond Milk can curdle and to avoid that, you can boil it at medium heat for about 15 minutes and problem solved!), my kids have it with their cereals and I put it on my shakes! You can add a date or vanilla and it will taste amazing! And the best of all: only filtered water and almonds! That’s it!

Milk 1-11milk 2-11milk 3-11milk 4-11milk 5-11milk 6-11milk 7-11milk 8-11milk 9-11milk 10-11milk 11-11

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